WTF-101 - Studio Joho - Collegehumor's DROPOUT (18)

CelAction2D character rigging of the main cast members, Scene planning + layout on this (Adult) animated-comedy


We had the exciting challenge of working with the guys at Studio JoHo in Newzeland + Australia on this 10x10 minute (Adult) animated-comedy. We created the advanced Celaction Character Rigging and took on the scene planning and Layout for this jaw dropping series.


Mike Trapp (Adam Ruins Everything). This short-form series seeks to educate audiences in hilarious, grotesque, and NSFW fashion by exploring insane, real-world examples of science, history, and more.



The art and rigging styles worked really well together on this series and we were increadably pleased with the end product.


E1 ∙ Parasites
Professor Foxtrot proves the power of parasites, from flesh-burrowing maggots to tongue-eating lice.

E2 ∙ Self-Experimentation
River's reckless drug habit prompts Professor Foxtrot to demonstrate other ways to "treat yourself.


E3 ∙ Animal Sex
Mindy learns that animal romance can be less "The Notebook" and more "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

E4 ∙ Abandoned Military Ops
Feeling like a stupid failure, Brad teleports to the 1940s and discovers he's in good company.


E5 ∙ Duels
After the boys start a fight, professor Foxtrot shows the group some messed up examples of dueling throughout history.

E6 ∙ Cute Animals
The class observes adorable critters along with necrophilia, infanticide, and other horrors.


E7 ∙ Party Fouls
Foxtrot crashes Jason's weekend plans in the most fiery and destructive way possible.

E8 ∙ Hoaxes and Scams
After catching their teacher in a lie, Mindy and the gang go on a historical tour of trickery.


E9 ∙ Expeditions
Foxtrot invokes worst-case examples to deter the kids from a risky rescue mission.

E10 ∙ Crime and Punishment
Stranded in a strange world, the class gets a lesson in ancient trials and tortures.