Stranger Things Bat-Man

Our favourite duo from series 3… Steve (Bat-Man) and Robin, take the spotlight in their own title mashup.

Horrible Histories® Spies at IWM

Uncover the deadly world of spies at this major new interactive exhibition for families. Horrible Histories®: Spies brings the horrible history of Second World War spies and their secret schemes to life, based on Terry Deary’s book from the bestselling Horrible Histories series. Featuring lots of rather large characters and background Illustrations produced by Studio … Read More

The Children’s Media Foundation

The Children’s Media Foundation acts on behalf of the children’s audience to: Promote and protect the quality, variety, and range of media of all types for children and young people in all social groups. Support the production of media for children and young people in the UK while embracing stimulating content from all parts of … Read More

Working closely with WHP Creative to develop characters and an overall branding concept to support and promote From Initial character designs and development to TV/Radio scripts and adverts. As well as illustrations and much more for the print and web advertising campaigns.

Horrible Histories™ Magazine

Illustrations to match Martin Brown’s much loved Horrible Histories Art style. These can be seen in many of the Horrible Histories magazines produced by ‘Immediate Media Co’

Bang Goes the Theory BBC

A1 Matrix of Modern Life posters. Designed to celebrate the 6th series of Bang Goes The Theory on BBC1. From the Large Hadron Collider to your microwave oven, jumbo jet to fuel cells, the poster shows the colourful connections between science and technology. All presented in the big, bold Bang style!

Bletchley Parks Code Breakers

A series of 33 illustrations to help explain the process which the code breakers at Bletchley park went through in order to decipher the secret coded messages during World War II. Including the complex and famous Enigma machine its self.

Character Designs

Here at Studio43 we work closely with our clients to develop the right character, design style and direction for your individual projects. You might not know what you are after when we first meet, but I can guarantee we will be able to guide you through the process and deliver something better than you could … Read More


JobSafe™ is not insurance but a new and unique guarantee for any products with a value up to £2,000. The JobSafe™ label reassures customers their purchase is protected even if they lose their job within a year. The JobSafe™ guarantee can be used in any industry, for any goods or services, from mobiles phones to … Read More

Food Unlimited BBC2

The Foods That Make Billions told the story of how big business feeds us This BBC2 series told the story of how big business feeds us by transforming simple commodities into everyday necessities and highly profitable brands. Illustrations for the ‘Your Choice, Your Brand?’ web based game to run along side the programme.